Physical activities

 Start your day actively with a refreshing morning run along the bank of the river Danube on 13th and 14th October. Enjoy the lovely view of the Margaret Island and the great company of dietetic runners.

Start: 7:00 at the entrance of the hotel

Coach: Erzsébet Szeréna Bíró

Congress Dinner

The EFAD Congress Dinner takes place on Friday, 13th October at 20:00 in the Episode Restaurant of the Hotel Hélia.

The high-quality chefs of the restaurant’s kitchen take care of food specialties made from high-quality ingredients, which reflect the commitment to high-level gastronomy.

You can reserve your place  for €65 during your registration or with sending an email to amajor(at)convention.hu.

Have fun with us with T-boy, a  DJ organized by the Hungarian Dietetic Association.

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